the tao of masterchef

Sometimes wisdom can come from the strangest places. Like an episode of Masterchef.

Alvin is having an uncharacteristically bad show. After weeks of ambitious fusion cooking inspired by his Malaysian homeland – dishes that frequently bring tears to his eyes and sometimes make the judges weep as well, dishes that have made him a star – Alvin surprises everyone including himself by plating up an unpalatable pile of slop.

Gary, who sometimes minces prime beef but never words, asks outright: “What happened?”

“I panicked,” Alvin admits. “I saw all these amazing cooks making all these incredible dishes and I was worried I couldn’t keep up.”

Matt Preston towers over the service table like Buddha in an off white suit. A frightened Alvin braces himself for judgement, but none is forthcoming.

Benevolent as he is wise, Matt booms: “Don’t look at what others are doing, look ahead.

You have no idea how much sense that makes.

Or maybe you know exactly how much.